There are many ways
of Skiing.
One is yours.

Hello, Grüß Gott and Servus!

My name is Peter. Peter Sulzenbacher. I am owner of the small private ski school SkiArt, which has grown out of a long-standing family ski tradition. My uncle Christian Pravda won the Hahnenkamm race 8 times. and was a world-famous ski racer.

My brother Klaus is one of the most successful Nordic combined skiers of all time. This tradition has sparked my passion for skiing while at the same time I strive to offer high standards and unforgettable experiences to my guests. My ski instructors and guides also feel connected to this tradition. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you have your own style, your own way of skiing.

Enjoy your individual ski holiday in the most beautiful places in the Kitzbühel Alps, accompanied by one of our instructors or guides. Show your skis where to go!

Yours, Peter Sulzenbacher

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SkiArt Courses

... 'cause skiing is (no) art!
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Full Day (6 hrs)

330 € First Timer, Beginner, Low Intermediate

350 € Intermediate

390 € Advanced / Tech Training
390 € Discover Off-Piste-Skiing

420 € Off-Piste / Ski Touring

290 € Ski Guiding (no tuition!)

Half day (3 hrs)

250 € First Timer, Beginner, Low Intermediate

280 € Intermediate

320 € Advanced / Tech Training
320 € Discover Off-Piste-Skiing

240 € Ski Guiding (no tuition!)

Prices for up to 2 persons. From the 3rd person onwards: 30,00 € surcharge per person.

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we will put together an individual program with you!

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Out of this

Tucked away at the foot of the legendary Kitzbühel Streif is a historic wooden house that has been in my family for three generations. This rustic cottage has also been the home base of the SkiArt ski school since 2005.

My uncle Christian Pravda - eight-time Hahnenkamm winner, Austria's first ski world champion, multiple Olympic and world championship medal winner - already lived in this house. "Christa" was also the father of the legendary Kitzbühel Ski Wunderteam and the idol of an entire generation.

In 1958, my father Karl "Heli" Sulzenbacher (also a state-certified ski instructor) married Christian Pravda's sister Josefine, known as "Fini". If Heli hadn't been able to ski, he wouldn't have been allowed to marry her! He worked at the Rote Teufel ski school for over 50 years - and I also worked there for 20 years.

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